The Priests


The Priests concluded their training at the revered Irish College in Rome where Fr Eugene studied for 7 years (specialising in Canon Law), Fr Martin for 5 years (specialising in Moral Theology) and Fr David for 4 years (specialising in Sacramental Theology and later on in Education).

While in Rome, Fr Eugene took advantage of the fact that he was able to have singing lessons from Maestro Sergio Ballani. Almost immediately their combined and rare talent was recognised: They were invited in person by the Pope's private secretary, Monsignor Magee (the Papal Master of Ceremonies) to sing for Pope John Paul II in the sacred liturgy on numerous occasions.

The Priests perform “Ave Maria”

The Priests' careers overlapped once again as they all eventually returned to Ireland, where they began their work in various special ministries. Each now lives the life of a full-time Parish Priest, tending to the spiritual needs of his parishioners and official duties at all church services. These include christenings, marriages and funerals of members of their community.

The Priests are also founder members of the internationally acclaimed Belfast-based choir, Cappella Caeciliana (founded 1995), with whom they have recorded four albums: in 2001, Cantate Domino; in 2005, Sing for the Morning's Joy; in 2008, O Quam Gloriosum; and in 2014, Reflecting Light.

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