The Summer Strings camp is week-long all day orchestra program for students who are entering the 7th, 8th or 9th grade in the fall of 2022. We are focused on helping the students improve their individual technique as well as provide enrichment opportunities on their instrument.

Camp Dates: July 11 – 15, 2022 from 9:00am – 3:00pm

All students will participate in Orchestra, sectional and technique classes each day. Additionally, each student will select two electives from our list of classes to take each day. They will also all take part in recreation time.
Lunch is provided each day for all campers. The cost is included in the camp fee.

Cost per student: $200

Camp Director: Ms. Coramae Neely, Strack Intermediate Orchestra Director

Location: Klein Collins High School, 20811 Ella Blvd., Spring, Tx 77388

Busing: This summer, we will offer two bus routes. One bus will pick up students at Klein Intermediate at 8:00am and one will pick up students at Wunderlich Intermediate at 8:00am and take students to Klein Collins High School. At 3:10pm, students will leave Klein Collins to be returned to the school they were picked up from. If you child will need to ride the bus, please indicate that when filling out the registration form.

Deadline to register: July 5, 2022
T-SHIRT DEADLINE: Thursday, June 30, 2022 – after this date we cannot guarantee student will receive a t-shirt.
HARD DEADLINE: 5pm, Tuesday, July 5, 2022 – no new registrations after this date.

Financial Aid: Financial aid is available. Please download this form and turn into your orchestra director. 

Registration closed.

We had an overwhelming response this summer to the camp. Normally, we have about 70-80 students register. We maxed out at 110 this year and had to stop taking registrations. It’s simply a matter of being able to fit all of the students on the stage.

We will host this camp next summer for incoming 7th, 8th & 9th graders. Look for the 2023 registration to open early March 2023.


Orchestra: Students will rehearse with the orchestra for an hour and a half each day where they will work on preparing a program for the Grand Concert Friday evening. If we have to divide the students into two separate orchestras, students will be placed into an orchestra based on level of experience.

Sectional – In these classes the students will be divided by their orchestra part: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, and Bass. They will spend this time working on their parts in the orchestra music as well as a piece specifically for their instrument to perform at the Friday evening concert.

Technique – These classes will be divided by instrument (violins may be split further due to the high number of students). In here they will work on increasing their technical abilities on their instruments.

Recreation – For thirty minutes each day the students will spend time with Klein ISD coaches playing games and getting some exercise. It is a good way for students to blow off some steam in between classes.

Each student will select two electives.

Chamber Music – Students will be placed in small ensembles with their fellow camp students. Each ensemble will have a faculty coach who will hand select a piece for them to learn. Each ensemble will perform at a public venue on the morning of Saturday, July 16. Their faculty coach will work with them every day to help them prepare for their performance. Please NOTE: If you select Chamber Ensemble, your student MUST be able to perform on Saturday, July 16. They will be a part of an ensemble. If one student is missing, the whole ensemble will be unable to perform. Chamber ensembles are as about teamwork as they are learning the music.

Improv 101 – In this elective, students will learn the basics of how to improvise on their instruments. They will learn about things such as playing by ear and the twelve bar blues. These are skills many students might want to learn if they are interested in playing popular music.

Music History – Students will learn about music through the ages. The class will focus specifically on the evolution of orchestra music through time. Each day the students will learn about a different style or era of orchestra music. This class will help students understand why certain music sounds the way it does and how to tell the difference between different styles.

Music Theory – Students will learn how music works. This is where you can learn the “nuts and bolts” of music ~ like how scales are built, what intervals are, what chords are and how to build them.

Vibrato ­­- In this class, students will spend time each day learning to use vibrato on their instruments.

Friday Evening Concert

On Friday evening, July 15, the camp will end with a concert at 7pm. Students will arrive by 6 p.m. wearing their camp t-shirt. There will be a short rehearsal before the concert doors open to family and friends. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends to attend the free concert. Attendees and students may wear a mask.