The Narda Rignault Martin String Library has a variety of acoustic, stringed instruments available for loan, at no cost, for young aspiring musicians (those 18 and under).

Children and youth who demonstrate or express inspiration in learning to play a string instrument, are recommended by a teacher or mentor but do not have access to one, can borrow a string instrument for up to a year at no cost. Rental can be renewed up to three years. 

The collection has a variety of violins and cellos in various sizes, as well as a full-size bass. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll try to match you up.  Email FACE or call 281-440-4850 for more information. 

Users sign an agreement with Cypress Creek FACE (if 18 years or younger, the parent or primary caregiver of the user signs).   The instrument can be kept for up to one year at no cost.  After 1 year, the instrument is returned to Cypress Creek FACE or the agreement is renewed for an additional year.  If the instrument is damaged or destroyed, lost or stolen, or otherwise not returned, the signer agrees to pay repair and/or replacement costs.

Program History

The program was started when a variety of instruments were purchased from an online auction.  Cypress Creek FACE Board Member, Phil Martin, made the initial investment to purchase the instruments as a way to honor the memory of his wife, Narda Rignault Martin.  If you have a string instrument you would like to donate to be loaned out, please contact email FACE or call 281-440-4850.